Top 3:

1 • Open and Frequent Communication- ensure we reach out to all members often. All members are important. Communicate events early and frequently to help achieve maximum participation. Make sure members that are distant are brought back in to the loop.

2 • Adherence to Charter and Bi-Laws- make sure members read, understand, know, and acknowledge the bi-laws. Some additional language may be added for a more clear understanding of some things. (i.e You must have a motorcycle to be a part of WWR)

3 • Education and Growth- General knowledge and the want to learn more is going to be integral in the growth of WWR. Members have to know and understand MC protocols and traditions if ever approached by any MC member. Strength in numbers is going to help attract more members so a representation of WWR is a must at any event we can get to! Get on your “Iron Horses” and represent!

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